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Blind or egg bound hen!?!?

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Ok so I got these hens back in May they have been laying good until one hen I named Lou started acting weird maybe a day or so ago. Today when I went to take care of them she seemsed really sick and blind maybe, her tail is down she is walking slow and I seperate her from the rest of the flock and she just stayed in the same place so I put her back and she's moving around the yard "following"the other hens. She hasn't eaten I don't think in at least 2 days. And I've caught her not rooster with the other hens just kinda hanging out on the floor so I put her up there. She ran into a shovel this morning and trips on her way out of the coop. Oh and I've noticed that the area around her butt is kinda tight like full and some of the other hens aren't. Could she be egg bound because she could be blind and can't find the nesting box? She's a Rhode Island Red and I noticed for awhile now that her pupils aren't round like the others they are kinda oval and pointy. She's preening and I made her drink a few sips of water. At the moment I can't take her to a vet and I don't think any vet around here does chickens. Any suggestions on what I should do? Thank you !

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Start looking up Marek's Disease.  I have little experience with it, so I am not going to be any help to you, but using BYC's search feature would be your best bet.


Good luck.

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Can you post some pictures of her eyes?

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Her eyes aren't like a weird color or anything or foggy the pupils are just weirdly shaped. But she has been drinking probiotic water and I got her to eat some laying hen crumbles but I soaked them in water and made mush I caught her eating it on her own. but she is still panting and holding her wings out like she's hot I have her in the house for tonight. I did the warm water treatment thing I don't know if it helped. She will sometimes close her eyes and open her mouth and like tilt her head up to the sky. She walks around a bit and kinda just stands panting. She pooped a few times green with a milky white liquid don't know if that's normal though.
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