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I'm new about injured chickens, one was bitten in the neck by a fisher, she'll drink water, very little food, has no balance and can't keep her head up
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I would put some vitamins and electrolytes, or SaveAChick in her water, and keep her in a quiet pen inside your house where she will keep warm. Injuries can cause them to go into shock, and she may feel better with some rest. Tomorrow, make sure that she is drinking well, or give her some liquids with a dropper. There's probably not much you can do, other than give her nutrition, rest, and clean her wounds. Clean the wounds with weak betadine or other disinfectant, and each day use some antibiotic ointment or Vetericyn on them. Is her neck drooped down as in wry neck which can be a result of an injury, or is it limp? Vitamin E and selenium are good to use for wry neck. Let us know she gets along.

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