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Day 20 Eggtopsy

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I have no experience with this at all.  We float tested two Coturnix eggs.  One MIGHT have wobbled but I have my doubts the other did nothing so I did my first eggtopsy.  It looked to be a fully developed chick.  I started at the air cell end and slowly worked my way around and down.  The membrane didn't seem overly moist or dry and there was a little of the yolk left.  Is there anyway at all to tell when it stopped developing and why?  We left the other egg in the incubator and I'm giving it one more day.  I have about 40 eggs in my garage so we can try again in a day or two,

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I saw your post the other day but couldnt help.
It made it until the very end, but was too weak.
Its hard to say but my first guess would be incubator
Temp or temp fluctuation during the gestation?
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The temp was steady the entire time between 99.5 & 101.  The last few days I bumped up the humidity to around 50-60%.  I'm thinking to go ahead and discard the last one and start the 40 I have waiting;  They have been stored  in the garage instead of at room temp in the house.  I'm slowly getting there maybe

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You can gently open the last one, the same way as prior. If it is still alive, it could still make it?

I had a similar situation. Ive built and am testing a better incubator, with air circulation via a fan, uniform stable temp and i dont have to manually turn each egg or open the incubator.

I had a couple of chicks make it until the very end and never pip. I know it was instability in temp, too much fluctuation and non-uniform (no fan). I believe the time of the year made it more difficult. Daily/nightly temps have been fluctuating drastically. Humidity crashes... All reasons to have a good incubator...
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I just candled the last one.  The air sac in this one is pretty big compared to the air sac in the one we opened up.  I'm not sure that means anything but it was very noticable

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....probably not a good sign but gives more room to open safely.
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