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OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!! There are way too many sweet hen pleasing roosters out there in need of homes. I have 2 Spitzhauben Roos, 5 and 6 months. Both worship the ground the girls ,8 RIR 8 months old and 10 girls at 7 months, walk on. They deliver bugs and weeds they chase off anything "mean" . In return the girls squat and submit to the boys on demand. However the boys know without a doubt I'm in charge. They submit to me when needed. Mean boys get to go to freezer camp while nice ones go to play with the girls.
Awe! I wish he was like that! He's such a jerk. He pushes the girls to try to get to "treats" and takes things from them. I decided to try to push him to the ground this morning just to see how much of a fight he would put up. He immediately just laid there. No fight at all. Also no fight when I picked him up and tucked him under my arm. I don't know what his problem is but this can't happen again.