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Injured chickens won't walk

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Eleven days ago, yes I'm counting! - some predator got into my coop where I had 3 young guinea fowl and two black copper marans, all about 10 weeks old. One guinea was killed, no feathers or remains in coop. The other two guinea were split up with one running outside the coop (escape artist) and the other guinea inside the coop with the black chickens, both of which I finally realized were injured. The predator got in, through my hawk/owl mesh I have in the outdoor pen (my husband is fixing this for me). Neither black chicken was bleeding, but the hen had wounds on one leg and couldn't stand on it. When I took her off the perch 11 days ago, she has never since stood on either leg and she is very thin. She eats and drinks, I've had her in a sling a lot b/c she poops so much and she and I got sick of washing her bottom. The other, I think is a rooster (10 weeks, who knows?) seemed so okay at first, but started limping heavily after a couple of days and I finally realized he was losing weight; not eating. He's depressed I think b/c of his black friend being in the house. I have been putting them both in a box together now, which has improved his attitude and he is now eating and drinking. But neither of them will try to stand when I set them on the ground. He WAS walking around, with a limp, and she was on one leg when I took her out of the coop. He is putting weight back on but she is gaining so slowly. How long should I keep on carrying them around and setting food and water in front of them? Could this be something besides injury? They won't walk. :(

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The rooster stood up this morning briefly, yay!!! But this black hen is still on her belly and not trying. What I really want to know is, how long should a person give them for recovery; she eats, drinks, poops and lays there. :/ We are thinking of putting her down this weekend if she can't get on at least one leg, is that too soon?

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you will know when the time is right, do all you can do to help them and if there is no sign of recovery you know when that choice is. it is hard i understand. I can't stand to see my hens suffer.


they could be suffering from extreme stress. I know sometimes young chickens when even moved to a new home can experience high stress and might not eat/ drink for a day or so until they adjust. but if yours aren't eating or walking there is probably another reason that isn't external and obvious to see. they might have internal bleeding and or they just feel outright yucky.


I raised a chick who wasn't sat on properly in the nest due to the hen hatching out too many eggs at her home. so he had slight deformities in his feet (straddle leg) well i adopted him, and hand fed water and food until he was strong enough, and learned how to eat and drink from watching his siblings. i even bandaged him, and managed to get him to walk from some therapy on his legs! but sadly he wasn't growing in size externally, like his siblings. his time came and it was so very sad, but i know i did everything i could for him, just like you are for your babies! 


if you are going to continue treating them, I would try feeding them high protein foods, therefore even a little can help keep them strong. try cooked egg (they love it) and greek yogurt with no sugar. keeping up their strength will help recovery. she could just be exhausted and need that extra boost of protein in her diet. try supplementing their water with added electrolytes as well. good luck!!!

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She is still eating and drinking and pooping, so going to try the eggs and yogurt and continue with wait and see. She looks too alert at this point. Thanks for your encouragment.

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