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Blood on chicken

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I was closing up my coop for the night and noticed one of my hens had dried blood at the back of her head and over her comb. No obvious cut or injury and No other hens have blood on them. I'm thinking I'll go out there right away and wipe her up to see what's going on with warm wet paper towels. I'm hoping that leaving her overnight will help heal whatever it is while they sleep. Does this sound like a good idea? My first experience with an injury so I'm a bit nervous. I'll prep my dog crate in case she needs to go in it tomorrow. I work all day so won't see her until I get home.
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Do you think she is bullied by another chicken(s)? If she has a wound they can pick at, that could be bad for her and the dog carrier sounds like a good idea until you can observe her and them more. She should be okay overnight while they sleep though.

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I think it was a chicken that started it. Has never happened before. I'll take pics and post right away.
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Arg, I didn't get pics! No obvious wound, cleaned her with wet cloth (warm water), then dry cloth so she's not wet - mostly dry crusted blood, but not as much as I thought. Mostly on her comb and along the side face feathers. Again, could not find anything obvious. All other girls look good (I have 10 total). Will check her in the morning. Any other advice appreciated.
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Checked this morning, and she clearly got pecked at more when trying to roost, little bits of blood on the roost and fresh dried blood on her. I think it's at the back of her head but still hard to tell. I have her set up in the dog pen within the coop. Lined the bottom with towels, put food and water it, and covered the top with another towel. They can all still see each other but will keep her protected until I get home from work to clean and asses her again. Poor girl, I know she's not happy being in there, but I know she won't get any better bring left out with the rest. I'll be thinking about her all day.
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When they first start roosting they can be mean,
On of our biggest hens got her comb pecked so hard a peice was missing now they still squable but they dont do that much damage anymore they more talk then pecking now.
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I hope it doesn't continue! They're about 8 months old, so they're used to roosting. i thought since it was dark she wouldn't get pecked, but I guess they still know who's injured. sad.png
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Ours are ten months old it was i think around the same time it happened for our girl the next night nothing happened, i assume she tried to take the dominate hens spot and it didnt go well.
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I hope that's all it is! I'll keep an eye on her and update anything new. Thanks!
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Quick update! After reassessing her when I got home, I realized that the blood was coming from her nose. She had dried crusty blood in her nostrils. So, looks like a nose bleed caused by a hard peck when roosting. She's good to go now - all are getting along. I'm so relieved!
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