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Warrensburg,MO hatchery?

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Anyone know of the hatchery in Warrensburg,MO or close by? Iv been trying to find a large hatchery to supply me with 60,000 day old broiler chicks but cant seem to find one via google. Someone told me about Warrensburg but cant find the phone number. Any info would be great. Have a good night

Also,i live about 2 hours south from St.Louis

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I am not sure of what your operation is ,, BUT  60,000   BABY CHICKS IS A LARGE NUMBER AT ONE TIME.     The hatchery would have to cater to you exclusively for extended time and only a certain variety (broilers)    Chickens is not something a punchpress can knock out  in a few hours.   You may have to  purchase from multiple sources.  JMO.     It is apparent that you must have been doing chickens for some time, since you are ready for large numbers as these.   What have you  done in the past for your chick purchases, or raising??? 



AND :welcome

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I was a contract grower for Tyson Foods for 10 years. Contract ran out and they only want new houses (8+). At 220,000 per house I just don't want to put up that kind of money. So,i was thinking about doing it myself. I already got the feed and buyer lined up. Just need the straight run broiler's lol. My houses have all the bell and whistles ( fully computer controlled,tube heaters for grow out,brooders for brooding,cool cells,foggers and 11 tunnel fans per house)


Just really hard to find a hatchery. Well, I did find one in Pennsylvania and waiting back to hear from them but I was wanting something a tad closer than 12 hours away haha

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What broilers were the ones of choice ??? Cornish rock X?     On the 12 hour journey........  If you can get the high volume you need.  It is probably worth the travel.   Of course closer is better.   I only keep my chickens as pets, but we do eat plenty of Tyson chickens from the store.   Chances are that I most likely wolfed down some of those that you raised. :gig  JUM JUM   Just mathematical odds.:)

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Bahaha you probably have ^_^.

I get all the paper work on Monday and a set price on the chicks so everything is looking pretty good so far (:

Not really sure on the breed.. I asked them a long time ago and I believe they said they use "Cobb 500" or something like that

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