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Crop not emptying

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My chicken's crop is enlarged, feels like a bean bag and is emptying very slowly (compared to the others. It's also red in that area and seems very tender. She's still eating, drinking and moving around normally. But, is lethargic sometimes (this could also be because of a heavy molt). Could this be pendalous crop?
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might be sour crop, sounds similar to one of my hens experiences. have you tried gently massaging her crop, to  help the food move around/ break up. does the crop feel like it is full and balloon like? does she burp, or have bad gassy smells coming from her mouth or when you massage her crop? if so it could be sour crop.


we fixed the issue after a few weeks of gentle massage, and we had to force puke her to empty her crop once. please do research on that first, i don't remember details on how to do this

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Thanks. She doesn't have a foul smell and is still eating and drinking.
I just called my vet. They want me to take her in ASAP. I'm afraid I might hurt her burping her.
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good luck with the vet! hope they can fix her soon :)

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Thank you. I hope so, too. Also, hope it's not too invasive or expensive.
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She has to have surgery. They are keeping her overnight. I'm very worried.
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Oh no! What did the vet say was wrong!!
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She could either have a blockage or cocicidia. I won't know until tomorrow. She's so thin. Don't want to lose another one😞
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I just picked her up from the vet. She has a very good appetite and very alert. So, hopefully she will be okay.

The vet thinks it might be a secondary issue from coccidia. It even cost $200 less than the estimate.
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