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Just really watch the premade ones...really look at the measurement details, as many that look cute on-line, and claim to house 4-6 birds, end up being very tiny when assembled, more suitable for a pair of birds only.  If you're wanting fancy, and are able to spend some money, I would pay someone to build you the coop that appeals to you...  Folks who are handy with tools get a lot more bang for their buck when it comes to nice coops, because materials aren't cheap, but at least they're not having to pay for labor...

Yes, that is a good point. The coop I gave a link for and own would sleep six chickens comfortably, which I think is what the OP was looking for, but I had to expand the run considerably because my birds can't free range all day unsupervised in my area; that was one of the changes I made.


Definitely true that the handy have a significant advantage here.

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We've been really happy with ours.  The coop might be a little larger than what you need, but you'd be surprised at how fast "chicken math" can creep up on you and take over the best laid plans! We really love the run.  Our house is in town and right on a corner lot so it's visible from two sides of the street.   Kinda cute, very functional, and easy to build.  You can follow the build by clicking on "My Coop" under my avatar.



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Since this is from a year ago and I'm now in the situation you were in I would love to know what you ended up with? The coops that you liked were just fantastic....

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