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Coop Advice

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Hello All!


As I finish enclosing my duck yard, I needed a little advice on Coops. I know how to build them and I know what design i am leaning towards but I just need a bit of guidance. Since these coops will be within the enclosed yard, predator protection is not an issue. :weee



Do all the duckies need is an enclosed space to feel safe? They will have food and water in the run so I was thinking about building a small enclosed space (with bedding) for them to go into to...lay eggs? or just feel better with a roof over there heads? or? :hide





Some farms I have visited just have a run and no real coop, is this ok? I would think the ducks might like somewhere to hang there bills and put up there feet at night. Not that it ever gets too cold here but I could even provide some heat if it gets really cold. :caf



Does having a coop vs not affect egg production?:yiipchick




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Not having a coop may not affect egg production, but it will affect how clean the eggs are.  Where ever you live I think its better for them to have a coop for shelter if they want it.

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I think if your run is safe, you just need to provide them with a place it get out of the wind and bad weather.

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