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The winters are just wet and mild now - don't seem the same as when we were small - it felt like it snowed for weeks back then!  Nice chatting, catch up with you later! :frow

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Yeah very true, not as cold as it used to be.
Nice chatting with you too, have the most fab day today big_smile.png
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After 10 days Red laid her second egg!  It really does help reading all the information on this wonderful site - I placed dummy eggs into the nest box that was easier for me to access - I then removed them a couple of days later because Red was showing too much interest on sitting on them and not laying an egg!  But today she has laid her second egg in the exact nest box (out of a choice of 4) that I put the dummy eggs in last week!  Chickens are amazing!!  I can't believe how easy it was for me to get her to lay them where I wanted!  (I'm sure this must be beginner's luck)


I went to a poultry show at the weekend which was a big mistake - I now have a list of breeds as long as my arm to research and I'm already hinting to the handyman (ie my other half) about a potential second run.  I didn't believe in this 'chicken addiction' thing but I think I've caught it! (and fortunately so has the rest of the family!!)



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Congratulations on your second egg clap.gif

Oh poultry shows can be fatal th.gif

Chickens are very addictive, once you have a couple you just stop adding more!!

I only started with 2 originally and well it just got out of hand in the end big_smile.png

Had about 50 including chicks and youngsters in the summer but have thinned them out for the winter.
Roll on Spring wink.png
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Started with two and ended up with 50!  I better not let my other half read this :gig


Do you keep your Polish on their own or mix with other breeds?  My four are all so civilised with each other at the moment that I'm worried about upsetting the apple cart!  I really fancy some bantam orps now and need to research if they differ much from the large breed I've got - I know what I'll be doing over the christmas hols! :D

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Oh yes they can soon multiply big_smile.png

I have two groups of polish in seperate pens ~

With one group I have an Amber hen in with them and the other has a little cross frizzle pullet in. They all rub along well together. Polish in general don't do well in mixed flocks so I wouldn't fancy adding any other breeds to them.

Adding any new birds can be a pain but I found the best way was to let the birds see each other but seperate by wire. This way they become acquainted but not harm each other. After a few weeks they should be ok to mix together, there will still be pecking order scuffles but hopefully not too bad.
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That's a lovely set up!  Are those from gala tents?  We looked at those but ended up with dog run panels and a flat roof with sheeting and guttering but still tempted to get one.  I'm thinking of getting the other half to rig up a chicken tunnel with door that will lead to a temporary day run that we can move around so they can 'free range' without dogs/foxes being a risk while we're around.  There are some fantastic 'chunnel' plans on the net!


I'll have a good read about the breeds before mixing them - my cream legbar is very shy and she is the one I'd be worried about most.  I've read that you can pop the new chickens (I'd probably get two to share out the initial bullying/pecking behaviour) into the coop at night and the old chickens will accept their smell by morning but that sounds too good to be true!

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