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Major eye infections

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OK so many of you have seen my previous threads all the illnesses and injuries we have gone through. This is one of the four baby Ameracaunas I had all of which had eye infections and colds at about four weeks old. They are now 12 weeks old and this one just won't heal. We have tried everything from oxytetracycline to erythromycin and in between. I have even tried human anabiotic's. I I am ashamed to admit I even gave her a loving pep talk and put her over the fence with the hopes that she would be humanely taken by a predator. Go figure she found her way back in the yard... I have her contained as I have since she was a baby she is in there with a same age jersey giant who has a respiratory infection that will not quit. I have heard a few sneezes from my larger flock and I'm getting very nervous I put oxytetracycline in all their water as I was not getting any egg production anyway. I really don't know what to do at this point. I just can't kill her.... I have had Merrick's go through the flock Coryza go through the flock respiratory infection broken legs you name it I've had to deal with it. I even have a Rhode Island red with a grayish purple waddle and crown who sleeps almost all day I figured she would've been dead by now this is been going on for almost 2 months. Those babies have been on Meds for 3 months! just seems too long.... Pictures do not add for me on the phone...I have to email them to myself and do it on the computer they will be in the comment below
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The reason that her eye has not healed is probably because you have not removed all of the pus inside her eye. She may be blind from the infection now, but I would get some saline, QTips, cotton gauze, tweezers, and some eye medicine, such as Vetericyn eye was or eye gel, or Terramycin Ointment from the feed store, and go to work while someone holds her. You may have to soften up the outside with saline first, and it might take a couple of days to get it all out. Only then will any medicine get to the eye to help. Coryza is a chronic disease, and can come back again, until every chicken in your flock is gone, since they are all carriers. I would add any birds to the flock, or they will just get it too. 

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X2. Time to get serious and remove all of the pus.



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Here are some threads where others have done the pus removal:

Good pictures in those links!



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I'm so nervous.... I saw one where they had to cut the puss out!!!!! I don't want to hurt her. I have Terramycin. I was opening and putting it IN her eye before it started doing this.... Will it hurt her? Can I help with pain?
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Just remember that you are helping her with getting the infection out of her eye. If you can get it out with tweezers and flushing with saline that there may not need to be any cutting. some videos can be pretty extreme. Just try to do what you can to get the solidified pus out of the eye.

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You needn't "cut" the pus out. Squeezing is a better word. Once you have taken the pus out, it would be great to post pictures of the pus and her eye socket to determine whether or not she will probably lose the actual eye. Good luck!
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I think her eye is gone. I've been battling this infection with her for 8/9 weeks. I will try today to get it out.... Should I put Terramycin directly in the eye after? This is my sixth tube of it. I used to be able to get it inside there. I'm assuming with dirt and hay that that's why it got this bad. Should I bring her inside?
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