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Major eye infections - Page 2

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not to be a woosy but I'm afraid puss and blood and brain are gonna explode out of it. It's very hot to the touch and when I tried putting her medicine on her the struggle had clear fluid leaking from the corner. Blah!!!!
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Well I did it!!!!! No blood ! She's really got some labored breathing and stuff going on now though... She's been on Meds since 4 weeks old I gave her a small dose of human antibiotics. Hopefully it doesn't kill her!!!!!
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It looks much better! Chickens *can* have human antibiotics, so I'm sure she will be fine. What did you give her ad how much I'd you give? Let me know and I'll see if I can figure out a dose for her.

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Very good job. Hopefully she will start to feel better. Let us know how she is progressing. Many antibiotics used in poultry are the same as human ones. Kathy is good at finding dosage info.

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Well honestly I have cefdnir 250 mg/5ml. I think I got 4ml in her... Doodidoooo she loved it haha. She's eating happily in the "condo". Kept her inside so the eye doesn't get dirt. Pics enclosed.
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She lovingly pooped on my arm right before this shot.  All water.  Any tips on that?  It was literally all water, but she is eating, had some scrambled eggs and medicated feed and water :)  She is chirping and is currently roosting in her "condo".  I think that eye is gone of course.  How often with the terramycin?  The left eye is slightly infected as you can see as well, but at least it is not sealed shut and I know she can see out of it.  She was BLIND for a whole month, both eyes sealed unless I warmed and cleaned and put meds. 

I just refuse to give up.  Everyone says CULL....I just can't do it.  I raised them from two days old...they were exposed to some nasty fayoumis I got and every ONE of them got sick, hers was just the WORST.

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You had it coming, LOL. Terramycin eye ointment is to be used twice a day-just an 1/8 of an inch inside the eye will do. I would treat the left eye as well. Some probiotics or cultures (cottage cheese, buttermilk, or plain yogurt) in her food can help with her poops.

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Thank you!!!! wink.png. My profile pic is what she will look like when she is all grown up! That's my Akira. She is starting to squat.... Hopefully will lay soon. Only have one laying hen hmm.png
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