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Buckeye eye problem

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I'm going to bring her in at dark to flush it and start antibiotic drops. I wouldn't be surprised if it is from an injury. Bucky is the lowest of the flock and gets pecked at all the time. She's 11 months old and has never squatted or laid an egg.
Other than injury are there any thoughts on what else this could be?
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Eye infections or conjunctivitis are usually caused by injury, stings, or by respiratory infections. If you aren't seeing sneezing, runny nose, and rattly or wheezy breathing, then it may be an injury. Removing any pus with QTips and tweezers will help get the eye cleaned out. Saline, Vetericyn Eye Wash or Eye Gel, and Terramycin Eye Ointment are all good to use in the eye. I have even used plain Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic Ointment in a pinch, but eye medicines are usually better. 

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There was a slight wheeze to her breathing when I first brought her inside but I think the panic of being caught and carried for the first time in 10 months (she's my wild golden eagle) might have had something to do with that.
I gave her a few antibiotic drops I had on hand and will track down ointment tomorrow.
Thank you.
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Yes, she could even make some breathing noises even if she had something in her throat when she was picked up. Most of my hens absolutely freak out when I pick them up.

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