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My chicken stopped walking!

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Hello everyone! I am looking for some info on what may be going on with my Pepper. I noticed that she was laying in her run while others were running around and didn't move for a very long time and when she did it was very clumsy and not far. She eats and drinks but barely moves anything but her head. She is puffing her feathers. Her poo is soft white and greenish. I have checked her vent and feel nothing blocking. She is a silkie that hasn't produced eggs and under one year old. What could this be? Help please
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Welcome to BYC. With greenish droppings she may not be eating enough. You may want to put her in side a rate or cage, and either bring her inside or leave her in the coop with food and water. Vitamins with electrolytes in her water would be good for her, and offer her some chopped egg, tuna, or liver for some extra protein. If you have a local vet who would examine a few of her fresh droppings for worms, coccidia, and bacteria or fungus, that would be good. Silkies can be kept from their food and water by more aggressive chicken, but she also may be sick.Did she have any vaccinations for Mareks or other things?

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No she didn't have vaccinations. She past on Sunday. I gave her eggs and she ate some and drank. She was in the house with us and I had just started antibiotics but I guess not soon enough. So she stopped walking Friday and pasted on Sunday. sad.png
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Sorry that you lost her. When chickens die, it can be helpful to send the refrigerated remains in to the state vet for necropsy to find a cause of death, just in case of something contagious.

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