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Blue / green quail egg without speckles

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So I went to collect my coturnix quail eggs today , and found one that was without any speckles and was blue / green! Just wanted to share a pic. Just got into keeping quails and not sure if this is a common or rare thing, but I think it's pretty neat regardless.

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I've never had one like that I've had a plain white one but that's cool I'd incubate it
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I would but I just hatched about 60 from my incubator. Won't plan to incubate anymore until I can get this batch outside into cages. I think it was just a one off egg. Haven't seen a non speckles blue / green one since. Once in a while I do get a bluish egg with speckles though.
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Gorgeous colour.  I've had the occasional plain white one and would love to incubate one but only ever seem to get one when it isn't convenient ​to incubate.  ie, eggs already in incubator, just hatched or timing just wrong due to vacation or some other reason.  Not sure if egg colour has anything to do with chick variety/colour but would be interesting to find out.  Having said that I would be very surprised if you hatched a green quail from that egg! LOL.

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Eggs colored like that, blue, purple, or covered with a chalky residue are the result of the hen experiencing some sort of stress and deciding to retain the egg within the ovaduct. When that happens the ovaduct will begin to repaint the egg resulting in an odd or off colored egg like you got.

Edit to add: solide white coturnix eggs are generated the same way
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Ha! Just got another one today! But after reading dc3085's comment, it's not a good thing hmm.png. It does have some chalkiness to it. Here are some pictures in different lighting and compared to a regular chicken egg. The stress is probably from the weather. The cages are covered from the rain but it's El Niño season this year in California and some days have been storming pretty hard.
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