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Bumble foot and loose poop?

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I would say about 5 days ago I found bumblefoot on my chicken and I pulled the scab off and the core cleaned it out and I've been wrapping it every other day with neosporin and vet wrap. The area itself doesn't look bad it's just very slow to heal. But I noticed that my chicken also has loose poop. Sometimes they have loose poop during the day if they have a lot of greens or grapes but at night it gets more solid and everything is great but I notice at night now she even has loose stool. It wasn't sure if I should be concerned or not I know that the bumblefoot infection can go to other areas in the bird.
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It is unlikely that the "infection" from the bumblefoot traveled anywhere else.  Chickens' bodies are great at encapsulating infections which is why abscesses are common in birds.  Bumblefoot in humans, would likely kill us through a systemic staph infection, but birds get an ugly knot on their foot that can be easily (or not so easily) removed- plucking the entire infection out in one, big, nasty kernel.  Rarely, do you have any secondary infections after bumblefoot surgery.


Stools in chickens change all the time.  Unless a bird is pooping straight water or tiny, bright green stools for days running, you should not worry overmuch about changes in consistency of their poop in the absence of other signs of a problem.


Is the leg of the affected foot red, hot, or swollen?  How is the wound?  Healing well?  Or looking poorly- flaming red, hot to the touch, seeping a lot, raw edges, bleeding still?  If the leg looks fine and the wound is healing well, then you have no worries about the problem becoming a systemic issue.  If the leg looks poorly, then you may have a problem that needs closer investigation.

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Foot looks great no inflammation or heat or signs of unresolved infection

Her poop is watery and has a green/blue hue to it and it has been about 5 days. She walked by me and "shot" her poop out and it was very watery.
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Blue green?  Has she been eating red cabbage?


Has she been eating at all?  Green stools are as a result of a bird not passing food through the GI system.  The green color comes from excess bile that is not being used during digestion because the bird is either not eating, or the food is not getting through the system- impacted crop, sour crop, impacted gizzard, blockage in the upper portion of intestines, etc.  You will also see green stools in birds that are eating an excess of roughage- grass and green leafy veg.

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I wouldn't be surprised since she isn't feeling well she isn't eating as much as she shold with bumble foot. Thank you for that. I'll make sure I watch her eat good. I'll get grapes, cheese, and meal worms those are her favorite
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