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Rooster suddenly ill

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My 7 month old Black Copper Marans was doing fine early afternoon, in the early evening went into the coop and he can't stand and has a difficult time lifting his head off the floor. I have him separated and he made it through the night. He used to do the Stevie Wonder head shake but it's strange that it came on within 5-6 hrs. Any opinions?
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He definitely sounds ill with something neurological. Botulism, Mareks disease, or a head injury sound like possiblities. Botulism comes from eating the remains of dead animals or vegetation that has been without air. Paralyzed legs, then wings, and neck in that order are common. Will he eat or drink? Mareks disease is a virus that can cause paralysis of one or both legs or wings, and sometimes the neck. Severe dehydration from being kept from water or food can also cause those symptoms. Do you have other roosters? Was he vaccinated for Mareks disease?  I would give him some water immediately, and if you have some electrolytes, that would be good. Here are a couple of articles that you may want to read:

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Thanks Eggcessive, after reading both I figure it's probably Botulism although it's strange it's just the one Rooster out of the flock of 20. And he was a very nice large Roo. His neck/head is completely limp, according to the link it said if he makes it 48 hrs he might pull through.. Here's hoping
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Please give him some fluids and electrolytes, since if he makes it the first couple of days, he might survive. You can give him a molasses or epsom salts flush if you really think that he has eaten something bad. If he is dehydrated and doesn't have botulism, that could dehydrate him further since it will cause some diarrhea. You can use a dropper or syringe to give him liquids. An update on his condition tomorrow would be appreciated. Hopefully he will start to feel better.

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