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Pigeon Pants

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A white dove has adopted us.  But its a shame for her to be all alone.  She could be a classroom pet indoors if we could get some "pants" for her.  Anyone used those?  Any recommendations or cautionary tales?




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First   :welcome

Now for some questions. 

Is it a white dove like in the family of mourning doves, or is it a white pigeon also often referred to as a  white dove.  

I never had the first type, but do know that peeps keep them in large cages indoors.   ( kind of like keeping other birds like parrots)

If you have a white pigeon, you can also keep in a large cage, but they prefer the openness of the outdoors.   Some peeps keep theirs in their home free flying.   They do drop  mini gumdrops all over though.    I have not seen pants or diaper for pigeons or doves.    It would be a challenge to keep it affixed.

Post a pix of the birdie.


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