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West Texas Breeders?

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Having moved from South Texas to Lubbock, we're about to move onto some land and I'm finally going to get another flock of chickens! This time around, I want to hatch eggs with a surrogate Mother Hen, rather than ordering Hatchery Chicks. 


Here's my ideal plan:


   --Get two to three pullets of an appropriately broody breed from someone within driving distance of Lubbock.


   --Raise them in my little coop while preparing the big coop and run.


   --When one or two pullets mature and turn broody, obtain fertile eggs of a dual purpose breed (my wife likes the Americaunas, and I like Jersey Giants) and let the young Momma(s) hatch them.



My main question is this: Where in West Texas can I get either the pullets, eggs, or both?



Thanks, and I am so glad to be back!!

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 Most easy way to reach other chicken peeps in your area is to post in your state thread.   Here is the link to the largest one for Texas.


You can make requests and many that read the postings may be near you.   It is a way to narrow your search to those near you.   Another option is to search  Craigs'  list for peeps with chickens for sale.    Also look  for swap meets and poultry clubs as alternatives.   I know that there are peeps that will advise you against getting chickens from anywhere  EXCEPT SOME CERTIFIED BREEDERS..   You decide for yourself what you want to do.    I am not afraid of my own shadow, therefore I get chickens from various sources..     I also only keep chickens as pets and in small numbers.    If I had a 200,000  head,  hen house raising for sale of chickens, then I would be slightly more careful of where I got my next batch.  


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