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wobbly chick

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Hi, one of my chicks is very wobbly, had curled toes which I managed to fix, now is wobbly and walks oddly?

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Pictures and videos can help to see what you are seeing. Vitamins with trace minerals may help if he has a deficiency. How old is he? Were his toes curled under or just crooked to the side? Is he eating and drinking enough? Was he vaccinated for Mareks disease?

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He's eating and drinking plenty, he's about 4 weeks old and is eating chick starter crumb, his 3 other siblings are doing fine, he hatched 2 days after the others and is smaller, I have been feeding him seperately as the others push him out of the way. Will try to get some photos or a video soon.

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He might be a little weaker or meeker. What you are doing is probably the best for him. Mareks can present symptoms at this age, but usually is later. Vitamins, probiotics, and some egg may help him catch up.

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ok thanks, will try that. :)

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This chickie has curled toes, how do I fix it? This is what his feet looked like, his feet are almost completely normal now, wonder if they are linked?

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Curled under toes into a claw can be due to a vitamin B2 (defiency,) but toes curled sideways may be genetric or due to incubator temperatures flucuating.
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He hatched 2 days later, he was under a broody hen and I suspect she kicked the egg out by accident and then tucked it back under.

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Are his toes getting better with the vitamins? Make sure they contain riboflavin.

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Sorry, forgot to post a video will do that soon, for a while he was improving but now one foot seems to stick out heaps?
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