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Sick turkey! Help!

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I have a sick turkey. He was fine yesterday. This morning he didn't want to stand. He is doing some mouth breathing, sounds a bit raspy, breathing a bit heavy. I currently have him in the house since we are having a huge snow storm. I have Tylan 50, Vet Rx for poultry. Not sure what to use on him. He's about 7 months old and weighs about 50 lbs. Thanks for any help on what to do.
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From the age and size you described. Sounds like a broad breasted variety.

If that is what it is they are prone to weak legs and heart failure. I have used tylan for respitory infections I would try that and see if the bird clears up.

Sorry not much more help.
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Thanks for your reply. Yes, it is a bronze turkey. Did you inject the Tylan 50? I've read conflicting reports on how to give Tylan.
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Wish I could be more help. Post over on the Emergencys Thread. Someone over there may be able to help.
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How is your turkey?

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Need to know more about turkey acting drunk cause I have a hen doing this behavior
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Drunk turkey = blackhead

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Originally Posted by Wildhorse22 View Post

Need to know more about turkey acting drunk cause I have a hen doing this behavior

Welcome to BYC.

How old is the hen, what variety of turkey (Heritage/or a Broad Breasted commercial - If a BB, how much does she weigh?). How many turkeys do you have and have you noticed any changes in their behavior? Have any of them had a change in droppings - for example, yellowish and runny? - sometimes diagnostic for "Blackhead"/Histomoniasis. What is their standard ration? Has it been particularly wet and warm at your location? Is the hen otherwise acting "puny" (head and wings hanging low - feathers on torso "fluffed-out")? How many days since you first noticed "drunkenness"? Did it appear suddenly or over a period of days?

"Drunken" behavior: Secondary to Histomoniasis, exposure to a mycotoxin (moldy feed/foraging in such areas as a sodden compost pile, etc.), head injury - strike on roosting bar/branch, etc., "hips giving out" - usually seen in BB's - and...

This site might be helpful:

Click on: Avian Encephalomyelitis (epidemic tremor), compare list of signs/symptoms. Not matching? scroll to bottom of page. There will be a list of associated diseases/conditions with similar signs/symptom sets - go back to list and compare/add/discard each of those & like diseases (pretty much performing an `exam' so as to make a differential diagnosis Rule-Out/In)..

Observe for feed/water intake, any `twisting/rigid posturing of the neck/head.

Please post up any additional signs, any other changes in severity of symptoms or any improvement - never know what additional info might lead to answer(s).

Good luck!
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