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Originally Posted by MindyNE View Post

Most of my eggs look like this on day 5? I don't see any veins and 3 are too dark to see anything. What do you all think? Toss them?


BTW Mindy, I have learned that the darker the color, the harder the candling, so as a suggestion, if you are going to post a picture of an egg being candled, it can be helpful to see that egg in the light. If that's a pure white egg, and that's how it looks on day 5, that means something very different than a brown egg on day 5.

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Originally Posted by NTBugtraq View Post

Great colors Shadow, but you may want to have a closer look at egg shapes. The bottom right corner, for example, looks too circular to me. Eggs need to have a big and small end, and I know Maran eggs are known to make it hard to decide which end is which, but if there aren't distinguishable ends I've been told it can make it hard for the chick to complete the pip around. Same is true with eggs that are bullet shaped...or have a really pointy end.

At least make a note to yourself about which ones aren't typically egg shaped so you can see at the end of the hatch if it had any influence.

Are these all laid by your hens? or did you buy some??

I ordered 10+ and got 12. They are in the first 2 rows with the sharpie on them. They are Black Copper. All the rest were laid by mine. I really wanted more of my Blue Splash but they had stopped laying when I started collecting.
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Happy to see more peeps popping in for a hatch! Monday is lockdown for ours and we still have 33/36 going strong. Toot toot!
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Started my Icelandic eggs on dec 27th set 18 shipped eggs and when candled other day 17/18 going strong I let them sit a full day before placing in the bator last two hatches of my pullet eggs not so good one lone chick but last time ordered eggs from this breeder got 8/18 first ever hatch some issues prob with getting humidity rite fingers crossed for best hatch rate yet
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I am absolutely loving this new Ova Easy 100...I did 11 settings last year, and my results varied wildly. I decided my problems were largely due to egg weight loss (aka proper relative humidity maintenance). Lose too much and you end up with late deaths, too little early for this first hatch I decided I was going to monitor my egg weight loss daily. This bator makes that task so easy its ridiculous.


I simply weighed each tray empty, then each tray full of eggs, at the onset. Then, at noon each day, I re-weigh each tray. A simple little spreadsheet tells me real weight loss, which I compare to an "ideal" weight loss (I chose 14% over 21 days as my "ideal" for this hatch, the number is highly debatable).


After 24 hours "ideal" weight loss is 38g, I'd lost I increased the RH.

After 48 hours "ideal" weight loss is 76g, I'd lost I increased the RH. Notice how the difference has gotten smaller.

After 72 hours "ideal" weight loss is 114g, I'd lost 118g...pretty close to spot on, so I've decided to leave the RH alone for a day.


Takes me 30 seconds to weigh the two trays, so the bator isn't opened for long, and recovery is really quick with this puppy.


In the past, I would have weighed on Day 7, so I would have run it at 35% until then likely causing far too much early weight loss. FWIW, I'm now running at 52% RH.

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Ova EASY. OVER EASY egg incubator ! LOL!

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Originally Posted by WthrLady View Post

Ova EASY. OVER EASY egg incubator ! LOL!


Better than the "Scrambled 100"...:lau

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I am collecting eggs but it does not look as I will have a January hatch.

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Here is one of the eggs that were put in on the 25th
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Yeah, do excited for this hatch. Lockdown for me will be Tuesday the 12th.

What's eating me they've given me 4 straight days off then a 4 day run of having to work. You know that I have to work the day of hatch. It disks, but probably the best thing because I'd be in there opening it up and checking every time i think I hear a new peep.
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