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please help!!!

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Ok, so this is day 8 w/ my new chicken eggs and i was a total idiot and it got real hot and eggs were at 120 for prob 20 minuets are they still alive and what should i do!urgent!

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The incubator was 120 it takes the eggs longer to get that hot. you are probably fine, just pretend it didn't happen continue the hatch. hope for the best.

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thanks i will hope for the best!

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:fl I am going into day 7...

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gimme birdies -  I see your avatar, what breed is your bird?  Beautiful!

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She is a Lavender frizzle. She lays gray eggs and so does her daughter. the eggs I showed you are not hers but related since I gave that lady some of my frizzle eggs and she hatched them and now they are laying. The chicks that will have (smooth)blue feathers are in the brown spotted eggs

The frizzles come out of the blue green eggs. the white chicks are from a different farm.


I think this one is the daughter. she is Blue frizzle/Blue isbar.

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