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That's really cool.  Thanks for the advice

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There are a total of 27 chickens  want/have but I don't think that I will be able to fit that many comfortably into a 8 foot by 8 foot dg house converted into a chicken coop.  I will probably have to narrow it down.

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If you were to add a platform  in the coop so that it would add a another level (like a second floor) would that help to add more room/square footage to the coop or would it be useless? 

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That would be problematic for a few reasons. You would need to make sure each level had adequate ventilation. And you would need to add windows for light, which would then limit where you could position the roosts to keep the birds out of drafts. And then there is the extra cleaning because now you have two coops basically stacked on top of each other. That's two floors to keep clean instead of one. If you made a platform 'loft'  level, you would have to make it more of a box without a top so that the bedding didn't get all scratched off. And you would have to be careful to position it so that it doesn't interfere with ventilation or light coming in.

You would be better off using their coop as a sleeping and laying area only and focusing on a run with lots of different areas for shelter. 

For example, the plywood box up against the shed used to be for storing firewood, but now, it's a favorite shelter for my younger birds. We also built a lean to frame against that wall and covered it with pine boughs for another shelter option.

The Rhododendrons are a favorite hangout spot, providing plenty of natural shelter even on very rainy days.

Even with these options, there are weeks when it is storming so badly that they will not leave their coop. I have found that, while they don't mind a bit of rain, chickens do not enjoy getting blown across the yard by 60 MPH gusts.

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Thanks! I can se were that definitely would have some flaws.  Thanks for the help and great set up by the way!:woot

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Does any one have any recommendations for certain breeds when I have 7 birds

Barred Rock

White Rock

Buff Orpington

Easter egger

Speckled Sussex

Silver laced wyandotte

Rhode island red

I Just want great pets that I can name and snuggle up with.  I am most likely going to order from meyer hatchery.  I am hoping to get 9 more due to the size of the coop (8 foot by 8 foot) and the speckled Sussex is a roo.

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Brahmas, Australorps, Barnevelders, and Welsummers make good additions to just about any flock. Faverolles are cute, but they are so easy going they may get picked on so get more than one. If you don't mind spending a bit more per bird, Swedish Flower Hens and Cream Legbars are very pretty. And I'm always an advocate for more Easter Eggers, no two look exactly the same.

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are Blue ameruacana's good because I really want one and I would like to have a cream legbar

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If you don't mind the possibility of your 'Blue' actually being black or splash, go for it. 

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ya I do not mind at all:D

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