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whos egg is this?

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i have 7 chickens. I have a Ameraucana (lays average sized blue eggs),a common white chicken (lays average white eggs) and i know for a fact that they already lay eggs. But i don't know if the 5 other chickens lay eggs yet. They are: Ameruaucana, a polish chicken, a golden laced wyandotte, an unknown black breed (not a black sexlink), and another unknown light brown multi colored breed. But recently i have gotten two small eggs like, a lot smaller than my usual white egg. Please help me find out who layed it :/



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Not sure.  This site might help.

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The information was a good start but I am in need of some additional help.  I have a variety of chickens but not all are laying eggs, what is the best method to determine who is laying and who is not?





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Look at their head gear. If it's shrunken and pale and dry, they are probably not laying.

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That egg looks a lot like my polish egg. I was told they lay white eggs, but mine is more cream color. It is also smaller than all my other large fowl eggs.
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ok thank you guys!

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