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Bossy chick

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I have two 11 day old silkies(not sexed) and four 8 day old female buffs. I got the silkies first. One of the buffs has become bossy not only to the silkies, but everyone. I had one food dish when I noticed it so I put another one in.Miss bossy goes back and forth standing in the middle of the dish and pushes the others. Please help.
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Somebody's got to be first!  What are the buff chicks?  Breed?  If no chicks are being injured, just make sure that there's enough space in the brooder, red rather than white light, and things for them to do.  Shavings to dig for food at least.  Separate the food dishes so he has to work harder to defend both of them.  I use the feeders rather than dishes, so a bird on one side can't see others on the other side.  Mary

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I have a red light. The buffs are orpingtons. I will try separating the dishes. Thank you
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What does the wing stubs of the "bossy" chick look like? Compared to the other Opingtons, are they shorter with much less feather development? From the behavior it sounds like a cockerel. If the wings are also stubby, you can be pretty sure it's a boy.


You can discipline a chick by poking it with your finger on its back when it's behaving aggressively toward another chick.


Aversion therapy at this young age works remarkable well, I've found with some chicks of my own.

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They are not stubby.
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