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Unfortanately she died saddest thing ever I'm soo upset
one days I had 2 hens and 1 rooster and now 5 months later I have 4 roosters
A big change
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I dig her a grave next to her sisterand but a board at the front of both
Saying 'teerapinos' I used to call them that .don't know why
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So sorry.

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I am going to go away for a holiday from the chrismas holiday to my home country Netherlands
So i thought I can leave my four rooster in a farm it's called woodside animals farm a bit away from my house and have to pay a amount
And maybe from the I can learn more about chickens and how to care for them
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I am sorry about what happened. You need a break from all this.

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Guys when I was opening my rooster to let them out I just wanted a closer look at my hen I realised she gone I put 2 big roof rocks on top and she gone their was feathers all other the area I put sand around and even smaller rocks . I covered it a lot
So I decided to call people who take foxes away because I hate foxes and that's enough I had a lot of incidents with foxes before

The worst thing that has happened ever to a chicken
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