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limping chicken?

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we woke up to find one of our hens limping around. It wasnt noticeable at first, but when she started running for treats she started doing this comical hop/run. We checked her foot and couldnt find any signs of anything. Since shes a wyandotte which is a heavy breed I looked up bumblefoot, but she doesnt have any swelling on her foot. Her foot wasnt like that all yesterday. Does anyone know what it might be? Is there anything we can do?

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Sprains can be common, and can take a few weeks to heal, depending on how severe they are. Bumblefoot usually causes a dark spot on the foot pad, and there can be redness or swelling around it. If the foot is dirty, it can be missed. If she holds the foot up, I would probably place her in a dog crate inside the coop with food and water, to force her to rest it.

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i checked the foot when it was dirty and missed the black spot... she has bumblefoot. :/  ive never dealt with bumblefoot before, but ive read up on it. How far in do you slice when taking out the kernel? I dont want to accidentally hit a nerve or something..

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If you can Google bumblefoot in chickens, you will see some articles by The Chicken Chick and Grit magazine that contain good articles with pictures and a video of the surgery. Also, here on BYC in the search box at the top of this page there are pages of threads, especially the one by Ruth on the surgery. It is intimidating at first, but read up on it, take your time, gather the supplies, and an extra pair of hands before you start.

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