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Brand new chicks sore foot...

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Hello everybody,

We are brand new to this site and brand new to having chicks!

We picked up 4 chicks this morning (for our 4 girls) and have just noticed that our Silkie has a sore foot!

Sorry for the bad photo, my camera/computer skills are limited! Some toes seem disformed, some look to have dried blood on them...

We would rather not take it back to the breeder as we assume it will just be killed? Will this just right itself? Or is it a serious problem. We dont mind having a Silkie who looks a bit different but we really dont want it to be in pain or for us not to be tending to a problem that needs fixing.

Please help with your suggestions and thanks in advance!

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Welcome to BYC. I can't make out a lot in the picture, but does it look like there was a string or hair possibly wrapped around the toes? Or do they look injured to you? I would make sure nothing is around the toes causing swelling or cutting off circulation. You can bathe the foot in some soap and water, weak betadine, or epsom salts. Apply some neosporin or Vetericyn to the foot. If the circulation is good, the toes should heal. Even if the toes were crushed or injured, chicks can survive losing some toes. Please update us on the chick tomorrow.

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Thanks so much Eggcessive,

Definitely no hair wrapped around the toes but it does look a little like that. I think perhaps they have been injured. I will wash as you say and could you please advice where you purchase neosporin/vetericyn? We are in Australia and vets arent open here today. Pet supply store?

Who would have thought such a tiny little chick could cause our family such worry!

Thanks again!

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Neosporin is also called triple antibiotic ointment, consisting of neomycin, bacitracin, and polymixin B. Plain bacitracin ointment is also good. Plain iodine is a really good disinfectant, and you may have others available such as chlorhexidrene. Pet stores or farm and feed stores probably have something good. Even soap and water would help. Good luck with your chick, and give us some news soon.

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