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To cold to incubate???

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I am wondering if it's too cold to collect quail eggs for hatching?? It is in the low 30's during the day in the mid 20's at night. I do have a little heat in there shed but only brings up the temp maybe 5 to 10 deg. I am not able to be there every 5 minutes to collect the eggs. I only have time to collect 2 or 3 times a day. And does it kill the egg as soon as the egg gets down to 30 deg ?? I have a buyer who wants some chicks! Thanks for any help! I am selling all my Coturnix quail eggs they can lay for fresh eating eggs. So not sure since my production is down from the winter, and what the cold does to fertility!! Should I wait till the first of spring, to fill this guys order? What do you guys and gals think?? Thanks Dave
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Collect them, fertility wont be as high, but you should still have some fertile eggs. smile.png
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