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They were out of coop. I understand that is our responsibility also. But when a dog comes from 3 doors down. We are out side city limits so dog pound will not come out.
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I am sorry for your loss. I have the same issue here, I wanted to let my chickens free range, but most of the farm people near where I live leave their dogs loose. There are also coyotes, raccoons, etc. So I decided for their safety they needed a coop. We made them a chicken tractor (run) with 4 different openings and we rotate which they use so new grass grows they can take their dirt baths, and eat buggies. There is welded wire under the lattice. I live in Florida too so I made sure there was a lot of ventilation. We re-purposed much of the materials from a small shed we tore down. It doesn't have to be fancy just safe.


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Get a Maremma dog.

Your problem will vanish and the dog will adopt your flock and won't hurt the chickens.


No one has heard of a Maremma, but you could google it and get more info.


One maremma - no more issues.

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I love the breed, the lady I bought my ewes from had a couple of them. Not people friendly but very protective of the flock. They are also expensive I was quoted $1500-1800.  We do have a large mixed breed dog that stays out and keeps away most predators. She does not have access to the chickens though, just the sheep. On my wish list though.

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