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Hi there, I just slaughtered my first roo today just like yours he was a nuisance too. So I just did it :( I used the slitting the throat with a sharp knife method but it was difficult doing it esp after I slit it. I let the blood flow out completely and then did the processing. Hope it helped you don't know if you slaughtered your roo but felt like sharing my first experience.

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if you watch both videos youll see heads intact on the carcasses im cleaning. Most times they dont come off. I didnt "throw" the quail down its head came off in my hand. They are small birds it happens that way sometimes. It wont necessarily happen each time though.
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For people that are a little less used to butchering animals I suggest a kill cone so your not holding and feeling every movement for quail a soda bottle works well with the bottom and part of the top cut out then just slice the neck off and wait for bleeding to stop just my opinion
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ah okay thank you

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Thats a great idea. Slice the neck off or can I just slit it like a chickens? 

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I've done two batches of roosters. I got a good pair of game shears to do the deed and then butcher the meat afterwards. I did it in the bathroom sink. Tip bird upside down, chop fast with the shears up high on the neck to damage the brain stem (instant brain death), the shears applied such that they cut into the back of the neck first. Hold body over drain, blood goes down the drain. The first time, I was surprised by how wildly the body moved and let go (BIG mistake), blood went everywhere. Didn't make that mistake again. Advice: don't be tentative and don't hesitate or you will cause pain. Once it's dead it's just meat. 

Perfectly normal to be a bit uncertain about killing something. 

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I've eaten wild quail, is there a preference in domestic? I hear the a&m' are all white meat? Not what I was planning to raise or try to raise.
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Depends on what you are going for. I've heard Gambel and Bobwhite (wild-type) quail taste the best, but they take a long time to mature. The brown jumbo japanese I'm currently raising seem to be all dark, tasty meat, and they mature very quickly. I used to buy quail at the store, and they weren't labeled as to species, but their meat seemed to be lighter and not as tasty as my jumbos, but perhaps that is just due to the diet the birds were fed. 

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Ok, I'm trying to get some bobs on the ground first go was a flop, wild bobs are white meat, I may try some a&m for my own consumption, but bobs, gambels and snow flake are my goals. Thanks for the info.
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Society has ****ed us so hard. I know there is nothing wrong with killing it. They should teach this **** to us in school.




No one wants to answer this question for me though, I feel its my biggest hindrance before the kill.


How do I fully utilize the Quail body?

I'm talking Native American style. Thank it for its meat before I do it and such.


I'm talking, brains, eyeballs to claws.

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