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should i dump them,?

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A few weeks ago miller sent me 2 new temperature controls.One blinked 32 all time,I got the controlers mixed up and ended up using the bad one.Checked temp while a ago and eggs were cold.I stuck them in incubator that's supposed to hatch Monday.I used the bad one cause it startwd working and I had 3 to pick from.

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hard to say especially if they are due Monday. Mother nature built in a lot of safety's in case a hen had to leave a nest. As the eggs cooled down the heart rate of the chick slowed to preserve energy. Now they are warmed back up the heart rate should have returned to normal and now its going to be a waiting game.


Personally if they were mine I would carry on and expect them to hatch a day late.

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thanks,the rest is supposed to hatch Monday.ive been hatching out quail with very good success,this is the ist time ive done chicken eggs,no holes yet

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   Hatched out 6 last night,2 silkies,and I don't know name of others.The biggest came out small end of egg


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