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Swollen & pink feet and legs

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This is our (feisty) hen "Lizzie" who is a young Delaware. a few days ago I noticed her feet were rather swollen and pink. I don't think its bumble foot because its pink all the way up her legS (both) and I can't find any scab, anywhere. Here are pictures from 10 minutes ago. She's still regrowing feathers from being broody several weeks ago. This looks strange, no? Am I being silly? Any thoughts?

 This is the first time we've owned chickens. They aren't even a year old. We are in the Pacific northwest, and it hasn't gotten crazy cold but I know the chickens have been through a lot in the last two months. We built them a new coop, their other one was leaking so much water and rain. THIS bird got frost bit on her comb a tiny bit. it fell off and she's all healed now. Should I do something about this?

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I would be concerned that she has suffered some swelling from the cold weather, especially since she has had her comb frostbitten. Early frostbite can cause swelling, but it could be mild enough not to cause permanent damage. If the toes or feet turn black and shrivel, that would be severe frostbite, and somerimes oit takes a few days to see how bad it will be.
That said, another cause of swollen feet and legs is gout. There are 2 types, and articular gout is the type that causes feet swelling. What type of feed has she been on most of her life? There can be many causes of gout, including too much salt, too much protein in the diet, and other things.
Mycoplasma synovitis can cause swelling of the joints, and that is a respiratory infection.
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Thank you for responding! The frostbite happened at least a month ago. But recently it hasn't been that cold. upper 30's at the lowest, at night. It rains a lot here, but they have good shelter. All four birds have been on layer's feed since about 3 weeks before they started laying. I didn't know it was bad for them. :( The feed is this one: (the organic 16 layer pellet feed). I stopped giving them grits because they free range. but the last two weeks or so I haven't let them range because they get so wet and cold. and I've forgotten to put grits in there. is that why this is happening? what's the best way to put some in the coop without them tipping it over? mix it in the feeder with their pellets? or keep it separate? also, their water is rather not so clean. They scratch mud in it or hop in it and mud gets in it). I will put clean water in a proper waterer tomorrow morning first thing. What can I do medically speaking? we don't do vaccines or antibiotics. is there anyway to treat it naturally? 


is she going to lay again? or is she now a pet bird with no rent payment? ;)

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