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I'm sorry that things are not improving. How old is she? We have never discussed the possibility of this being Mareks disease. Wry neck and then lameness are signs of it, and since the vitamins haven't helped, it could be possibly be Mareks. I don't know how you will handle this if she doesn't get better, but if she dies, I would get a necropsy done by your state vet to look for Mareks. Please let us know how she gets along and I really think that you have given your all for your chicken to make her better. Sometimes it just isn't possible.

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I feel so sorry for her and you

you're doing just about everything I hope she gets better soon
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my girl is showing no signs of improvement. she eats good, drinks good. but she has went from trying to sit up and move around, to just laying  on her side. I had to bathe her yesterday and I noticed that (not sure how to explain this)  where her vent is, there two bones, called ischium in a pic I saw, that protrude out. almost like she's anorexic,don't know how else to say it. and she seems sunken in, in her pelvic region that goes from her vent to her belly. and when she poops she shakes her leg like it hurts her. I bring her upstairs every day in front of the window so she is getting sunlight. I'm at a loss here. 

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I agree, it is sounding more and more like Marek's disease, especially now you say she has pelvic bones protruding and looks anorexic. Marek's causes wasting even though they eat well.


I think you have done everything you can for her.... in fact way beyond what many would have done. At this point you have to decide if you want to continue supporting her or end her suffering. Not an easy decision I know. I will usually care for them as long as they show interest in food and will eat. Marek's is a horrible disease and you are perhaps lucky to have only one bird suffering from it, if indeed that's what it is.


Good luck with her. It really is heartbreaking to watch them suffer like this....especially when you have cared for them so much...I've been in that situation a few times.


Sending hugs but sadly I can't offer any other practical advice.


Best wishes



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well still nothing new to report. my heart aches. I have posted a couple pics of her leg and foot.

the first one is how she holds her leg when I have her in the sling. I keep putting it back in place but she puts it right back. she holds it stiff, and I have to gently force it back.

this next one I added to see if you see any reason she might not want to use it?

any ideas? please?

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What do you think happened to her.?

Thank you. 

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Originally Posted by mg15 View Post


What do you think happened to her.?

Thank you. 

she started out with wry neck, possibly a head injury. she has improved to the point that she eats on her own. but she has not been able to stand on her own. if I stand her up she just falls without any attempt to catch herself. she keeps her left leg straight out. when she's in her sling she puts it out behind her. although she eats well, she is very thin. someone has suggested Mareks disease. I'm at a loss. I've tried everything.

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She is still eating and has improved to the point of eating and drinking.

Those are good signs.

I have done water therapy for them.

Have you tried that?

Put her in a pail and see if she can move her legs.

And move them for her. 

Thank you.

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