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Rooster with possible hurt neck?

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Hello guys,
I am not sure what is happening with my roo but almost every time he bends down to drink water he will keep his head down and starting walking backwards until he finishes swallowing. Then he brings his head up back normally and resumes. I also noticed it when he went to peck at something on the ground. I'm not sure if he's in pain or what the cause is but I started noticing this about a month ago?

What can I do? Thank you! sad.png
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Oh and I should add that it's not every single time he pecks at something on the ground it's mostly when he drinks water or maybe it's just when he bends his head down really close to the ground. I don't know!
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Not sure if it's the same thing. But this thread might be helpful.

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@Hholly thanks for that! I just read that and I'm pretty sure it's not wry neck but I will start giving him some vitamin E since its anti inflammatory and maybe it will help with whatever's going on.
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