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Yesterday my husband went to the local feed store to buy a very simple incubator for my daughter that has been begging for it since we started our poultry adventure. The gentleman that he bought the incubator from is also the guy that we have bought our chicks from in the past. My husband asked him a couple questions to which every answer my husband received was almost the total opposite of what i had read here. I did my homework on this incubator and hatching eggs adventure and I have read a lot of material here and then also other websites and now i am worried that i am completely unprepared for this adventure. I know everyone's experiences are different but now i am completely confused. So my question are...


How many times do you turn eggs since we did not get an automatic turner?

How many times does a egg turner turn the eggs?

Eggs should sit vertical in the incubator not horizontal? 

You shouldn't mix duck eggs chicken eggs etc right?

How do you get the eggs to sit vertical with out egg trays?



Thank you for any and all advice guys!

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This article is an awesome resource. Hope it helps!

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I have read that time and time again I even printed all 64 pages of it lol and that was what i was going to base this experience on but every answer i though i had the farmer in which breeds our chicks tells my husband different. He is very successful in this department so this is why i am now confused. 

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I don't think there are many absolutes. Think about how hens do it with no instructions and various conditions. But you can use your best judgement to better your odds and hatch rates. Good luck!
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