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Bad food

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Hi, my dad has given some sort of food to my chickens out of the bin or something i think and Im not sure what he has given them, he always does this o matterow much i temll my family how dangerious these foods are. I just want to know, what are the poisionous foods an how long do chickens live after consuming the, how long is it until they die ? So i can be sure they are fine. sorry about the bad spelling etc my keyboard isn't working well. Please dont link me to that post with the list of good and bad food i have seen that

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It would be easier to know what food your dad gave the chickens. Are you talking about giving them scraps? Are they having any bad symptoms right now that make them look ill? Mold which can occur on any food being saved in a scrap bin, can be dangerous to chickens. A little more info, and maybe someone can help.

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Some "poisonous" foods will just give the chickens an upset stomach or are not the best, not many will actually kill them if they're fed it once.

If you don't know what they were fed, just keep an eye on them for any signs of illness. Sitting down and acting sleepy, strange poops, etc.

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my dad isn't exactly the average dad l can talk to, he shouts at me so I can't really ask him, he thinks its funny to wind me up about giving them food as well so unfortunately I don't know. I asked my mom but she just can't really be bothered and isn't really listening.

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Hopefully everything will be okay.

Chickens were fed scraps for years in older times without people really knowing what was poisonous or not. I would think the worst that could happen may be an upset stomach.

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