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Sick quail?

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Okay I've created 2 posts this week and never intended on creating 3 but one of my female quail's got attacked by a cat yesterday. I luckily saved her but she lost a lot of feathers on her neck which means now she has a bald neck. Fortunately she doesn't seem to have any injuries what-so-ever and she seemed fine, just a bit frightened.  So I let her rest in her little pen with her other friend quail for the day. The next morning I went to get her out so she could play in the garden again and I noticed she was sitting in the corner; not moving. This was unusual so I grabbed her - she didn't run away which is not like her, she didn't even struggle to get out of my hands as she usually would do. I noticed by holding her up she was a bit light/weak. So I brought her inside and layed her on a towel in the living room. I've given her access to water, food and even brought her the other quail as company. All she does is stay in the corner, fluff up and sleep. I'm not sure what to do or what is wrong with her and I'm very worried, can anyone help? I know if I don't do anything now she will die as this has happened to one of my chicks before. Thanks.


A picture of her:

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likely she has internal injuries, could be broken bones, just keep her warm and in a dimly lite area so she can rest and recover.  provide electrolytes/vitamins in the water and quality feed.

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It's in the middle of summer and in Australia so I don't think she needs a heat lamp? Oh and where would I be able to buy vitamins to put in her water? She's drinking little amounts of water but not eating. I'm giving her some mashed up boiled egg right now but she doesn't eat it.

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No you shouldn't need a heat lamp if it's summer there.  i get the electrolytes/vitamins packs at a local place called Jeffers, not sure what you'd have down under that would be the equivalent, check with your feed store.

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Okay thank you. I moved her to a large reptile aquarium where she can rest quietly. She's layed her daily egg but it's sort of deformed with a weak shell. I'll try to find some vitamins to put in her food and see by the morning if she's improved. Hopefully she gets better. Thank you!

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you're welcome, good luck.

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I checked to see if the quail was doing alright and she has improved a lot! Instead of staying huddled up in her pen she's out in the open a lot more and when I put her outside in the garden to dig around she was very alert and curious about everything! She's still a bit fluffed up and sluggish at times but she is improving! Thank you for the advice :)

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