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Svart Hona Chickens

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I just acquired a small batch of Svart Hona chicks (straight run), does anyone have any experience with this breed that tell me some do's and dont's. And are they heat tolerant being as though there all black? 

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First, :welcome

I think they should be heat tolerant since there are some breeders in Florida.    Common sense  also suggests that all chickens do need shade to  avoid being overheated by direct sun. 


Now tell us more about your chicks.  Do you already have other chickens?    How many did you get,  and  from where?   Approximate cost $.?   You do not need to disclose  the source, just approximate  location or town.     I am looking to get just one  pullet, or older hen, ( cant keep roos. ) and here is my dilemma.  Cant seem to find any near me.    Trying to avoid high shipping costs for adult birds.   Purchase price is  way high. 


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