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my rooster isn't acting right

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I have a 2 year old rooster who's just started acting very lethargic and has watery green poops.  He started crowing strangely a few days ago, almost like he had laryngitis.  I've brought him inside and he's in a dog cage in the basement.  He won't eat or drink much and looks like he's getting weaker.  What could be wrong and what should I do?


Thank you!



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Hey... How old??
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Wat colr is his cone?
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Wat colr is his cone?
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2 1/2 years old

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its still red.  It doesn't look odd or unusual.

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Is he eating or drinking?
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barely eating or drinking and the little bit of poop he's producing is just watery and very green.  He seems a little off balance too

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Try giving him sum yogurt. Reg is ok but mine love watr melon. Lol. That helps like pepto. Sounds like its constpatd. Only liquids cumn out rite?? Betcha thats it. Give about 2 spoonfuls..
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Watery green poop is not good. He needs food and water. If you want to tube feed him casportpony will help you. pm her.
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