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Does a baby pic help atall?  The place I bought her from was under an acre and from memory I only remember seeing the Cream Legbars and Black Copper Marans as well as Peafowl and turkeys.  Didn't see any white chickens.  I have no rooster so I am not breeding or anything, just want some fun varieties.


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So since last posting the egg count has varied from 1-4 per day, the Delaware is a machine churning out 7 XL brown eggs in 10 days.  The other eggs are all a blue-green and I took one out from under the EE.  I would presume the suspected Amerucana is not laying yet given she is a late August hatch.  With 1-3 blue-green eggs per day I am sure the Leghorn looking one is laying some of those, confirming for me she is a white CL even if she lacks a crest.  Today though her comb tips are looking pale was -8f well into daylight hours.  The coop is generously ventilated so I blocked a little of it to make sure wind wasn't getting down to the roost.  The Delaware's comb still looks good.  Supposed to be warmer tonight but cold again tomorrow.  May try some Vaseline tomorrow.  Gave them some scratch and mealworms before bed, scratch since some believe a warm gizzard helps and the mealworms to keep protein in balance.


Have some teenage pics of the suspected Amerucana.  I don't handle them often so I haven't grabbed her to get a good look at her feet recently, but there is an older one.  I took that pic because as a tiny chick she looked like a BCM but by this stage I knew she wasn't and the bare legs were just one of the reasons why I know that.


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I live in northern Wisconsin and my deleware hasn't even shown signs of slowing down. She's an absolute beast when it comes to egg laying or anything for that matter. She rules the roost big time. She's always laid 8-10 eggs and took a day off and started right back up like clock work. I'll definitely be getting a couple more delewares
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So I would say this confirms the all white one is WSCL unless she is not laying and the black hen hatched 3 months later is laying.  So this is 2 standard CL, the 1WSCL, an EE and a Delaware.

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So the black hen is an Olive Egger, laid her first egg today, so final count was 6/6.  First olive egg I have seen in person and seems decent color.  Maybe a cross between the Amerucana and the Black Copper Maran she looked like as a small chick?  The guy I got her from thought she could have been a BCM because he does breed them.  Someone pecked a small hole in it but luckily I got there before any more happened so hopefully that was just a curious poke not a habit forming.


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