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Serama Chicks.

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My Serma chicks are 3 weeks old and I can definatly tell who are my roosters and who are my pullets. I was wondering if it is normal thing that some of the chicks are like half the size of others, born at the same time. Should I focus on breeding and keeping the smaller birds?

Thanks for the tips Serama breeders:)
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Hi,  I am not a serama breeder.    I actually do not breed any chickens, because cant keep roosters.    Just keep a few chickens as pets.   In the past, I did have  serama hens.    The person that I got them from   ( most likely amateur breeder)  told me that there were 3 general sizes of seramas.    He was hatching out the middle size.   He also told me that the very smallest were very difficult to  raise.   I only am passing on what he told me..     No reason for you not to experiment.      I think the tiniest  sold as  full grown  would bring in the best price.  I have not seen seramas offered for sale at any of the popular hatcheries.   Looks like only select breeders are choosing to raise them. 


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