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Not sure if anyone can offer any advice
One of my hens seems down
Her sister , never been seperated in their 2 years so far has babies so she is in her own coop for a while
And she spends most her day lookin like she's sleeping stood up next to the coop, and she hasn't layed an egg in over 2 weeks which worries me
She feels a little heavy round her back end and almost swollen but I never really felt her that much before she stopped laying
I can't put her with her sister and he babies because she just attacks the chicks
She also attacks her sister but she has always done that and think it's just pecking order as it's not overly nasty just pecks her comb or grabs it and her sister doesn't fight back
Any suggestions on what it might be ? Can she just be a bit lonely and down? Missing her sister
And also while here any advice on when and what to expect when I do introduce the chicks when they are bigger ? Do I leave her to put them in their place and get pecked or shall I stop it?? I don't want the chicks to be hurt in anyway but I can't keep them seperated forever ??

Thank you
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Hi there,


I'm really not sure what could be going on with your hen – especially with her being swollen. Please start your own thread :) Somebody might know on the health/emergencies forum. 

I just love my chicken and new chicks <3
I just love my chicken and new chicks <3
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