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Damaged feathers

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This is probably a repeat topic. (If I have written this in the wrong place tell me)

I have recently rescued a chicken that was running around the neighborhood. Unable to locate her owner I took her in. She seems to be a Non-bearded White Crested Polish. She has some feathers coming in on the top of her head but based on the looks it seems like they have been damaged in some way. Maybe they were burnt by a muffler? They have black ends but they are obviously white in color the feathers coming in seem to be all different lengths which also tipped me off that they are most likely damaged. Are they normal or does it look like there has been damage? And if there is what am I able to do to help her?

I have been feeding her a mix of layer feed and growers crumble just to give an extra protein that's available to her. She is in a separate coop from the others just to make sure there are no illnesses and she seems to sleep/roost a lot. Both of my coops have a light in them for egg laying and will keep her warm since she is not along a flock.


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You said she was running around the neighborhood that might be where her feathers got broken from a predator like house cats or something like that. The roosting could be because she is tired but I would keep her away from your main flock to be safe.

Merry Christmas and hope she is ok!
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Sounds like she's probably been through an ordeal! I'm glad you caught her so she can rest and heal. Sounds like you are doing everything you can. Lots of rest and good food should get her back into shape in no time smile.png
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You two are so sweet. Thank you! It's good to know I'm doing the right thing. I'm a first time chicken owner and so I'm just full of questions. She has been doing very well. As her feathers have "healed" it seems she might be going through a slow molt. She has most recently started laying small eggs. They are so dainty and cute! She seems to be doing very well apart from not liking humans too well. So she's still apart from the other chickens as I am not sure if I'll be able to wrangle her into the pen.
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That's great and spend some time feeding her from your hands and holding her so she nicer to people.thumbsup.gif
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That's great to hear! Glad she's doing well! she probably will never be a lap chicken, but she will calm down with time and good treats. It will probably help once she eventually integrates into your flock, seeing how your chickens respond to you will help too I think smile.png
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