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Both hens are laying

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Well, we were thrilled when Cherry, our cherry egger hen, gave us our first egg a couple days ago. Now, Buffy, our buff orphington hen has laid her first as well. We have waited for this for months and now we have our Christmas gifts from our wonderful hens. The color difference between the eggs let us know who laid them. So, here's another picture of both our eggs :)

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Congrats, we are still waiting for our second hen, technically still a pullet, I guess, to lay. Both are 28 wks on Sunday. Tilley, our laying hen has been laying since the 3rd with only one day off. Billy, the slacker is starting to become more red, but comb and wattles still fairly small for a Production Red. It is a great Christmas present, enjoy.
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YAY! Congratulations!! :thumbsup

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