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Egg bound

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I am thinking we have a hen that is egg bound as she has not laid in three days and is not herself. I have researched treatment and will begin as soon as I have an extra hand in an hour. The question I have is what can I use instead of nutri-drench as everything is closed today? I do have electrolytes and am about to head out to get liquid calcium. Any advice about treatment is welcomed! (This is our favorite girl!)
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I'd say go with what you have to hand. Probiotic yoghurt, milk and anything else calcium rich will help or at worst cannot do any harm - along with electrolytes.

Good luck

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We soaked her in a warm bath with Epsom salt and she is in a small crate in the bathroom now. Hoping this will help her lay otherwise it's a trip to an emergency vet. sad.png
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