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Candeling eggs? - Page 2

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Yay! 😊
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What day if incubation is it? We still want to see pics
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Its the 10th day of incubation ill post some pics tonight after i candle them


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Lookin' good!! :thumbsup

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Yay I think as you hatch more if you candle every time you get better at seeing what is going on in the egg
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Need some info. here from experienced people. Grandson built the incubator (he's 13) for science project, Using a lightbulb and the temp. is all over the place and now varies 104 /96 degrees. the thermomator is not accurate and is new digital. I thought the eggs would not develope because of the fluctuation in temp. This is day 7 and I candeled some and to my surprise I see a dark spot and veins. The humidity varies from low 20's to 50%. I wanted to put in a stronger light bulb and now am not sure if I should do anything and just take my chances. I would really like to see these eggs hatch For the boys. There is a second incubator as a back up that is to hatcharound 4/5/16 so there will be chickens for the science project if the first clutch fails. Does the chicken embryo move in the egg? The one I candeled seemed to stay in one spot. Thanks for your help.
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hey same with me it is just so cool looking at there embryos its cool
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My broody hen got off the nest for 2 hours. Is that to long off the nest?

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