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Orpington's Eye issues

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Hi all,

This is post #3 of Cornelia's eye issues. Its been at least 7 days since my first post when her eye was all gooey and then crusted shut. It is SLOWLY opening. This is after a week of rinsing with saline and triple antibiotic ointment. The third lid is still soo swollen and I can barely see the eyeball. She seems happier, is eating and drinking, tail up, taking dust baths and doesn't smell like death any more. Thats all great and improving but now I can see a little more of the third lid on the other eye so I put some Vetricyn (sp?)  as a preventative measure but then started to see a real small wiggling thing in the eye. Now I'm worried about worms- I tried to get it out with a qtip but then stopped seeing it. I am so worried about my girl. She's all on her own in her pen and seems ok except for scratching her eyes. I have searched these forums up and down.  There are no cockroaches in her pen or around her. How long do these eye infections last?

-Worried Chicken Momma

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the good eye that I saw something wiggling in.

not so happy eye
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I would probably use some sulfadimethoxine (Dimethox) or Sulmet orally in case of coryza, since you say she had a bad odor. Did you get all of the pus out of her eye? If you are concerned about eye worms, then you can worm her 3 days in a row with Valbazen 1/2 ml given orally and repeated in 10 days. At the same time put 1/2 ml of Valbazen into 1/2 ml of water, mix well, and put it into each eye. Then repeat that in 10 days at the same time you repeat the oral dose.

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Thank you Eggsessive,

I have several questions about your response-

1. Where do I get those meds for her? Does it have to be a vet?

2. She no longer smells bad and is WAY more active and happy than she had been. There is no wheezing, sneezing, coughing or nasal discharge. So I don't think its Coryza but should I still treat as it was?

3. All the pus is out of her eye and it no longer goops.

4. how long do eye infections last?



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Many feed stores would carry Sulmet or Sulfadimethoxine. Valbazen dewormer is found at some such as Rural King and Southern States, but usually not at TSC. It is available online. If you have seen no respiratory issues, then it may be just an eye infection. Mycoplasma (MG or CRD) can cause eye swelling and conjunctivitis with or without the other symptoms. Tylan and oxytetracycline would be better for that than the sulfa drugs. Most feed stores carry those. I can't answer how long infections would last. It depends on whether or not it is a virus, bacteria, and if it needs an antibiotic. The antibiotic would need to be the right one for whatever bacteria. That's where a vet would be good to get a culture. They also have better antibiotics.

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